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היכן קבור רבינו

אומן- רבבות אנשים

החלטת רבני ברסלב – משנת תשב (1)

החלטת רבני ברסלב – משנת תשב

עקידת יצחק ויהי אחר הדברים שבע פעמים

138-140 שיעורים 138ערב רב

אומן קרית הלינה

12 ביולי 2017
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שלום ר' נחום ברצוני להשמיע לך דרשה מאת ר' יואל ראטה וז"ל:

ידוע שמהרא"ש מסר את נפשו עבור בחורים, פעם אחת עמד אחד ליד המהרא"ש בעת תקיעת שופר והוריד דמעות כמים, והסביר את פשר בכייתו, כי בחורים מאנ"ש הלכו אתמול בליל ר"ה למקומות שנמצאות שם זונות ונכשלו שם בחטאי עריות ר"ל, וע"ז הוא בוכה ומוריד דמעות לפני הקב"ה על בחורים אלו שאינם אשמים משום שעדיין לא מצאו את זיווגם ומשתוקקים מאוד להינשא ואין הם יכולים להתגבר על יצרם, "כל השומע תצילנה אזניו" שבמקום לאסור עליהם להגיע לאומן בכדי שלא יבואו לידי נסיון, אומרים שאינם אשמים, שומו שמים, האם לזה חסידות יקרא, שבמקום לאסור עליהם להגיע לאומן ולא יבואו לידי נסיון, מבקשים מהקב"ה שיוותר להם על העבירות החמורות שעוברים, ושאינם אשמים.

Rabbi Nachman Audio

אומן ראש השנה

– that he and two more rabbonim, Rav Cheshin, and the father of the Chalban, the tzaddik from Givatayim, were responsible for bringing the body of the tzaddik Hakadosh Rabbi Nachman m'Uman, to Israel. And they buried him in Sfadt, in Eretz Hakodesh.

Now this video was not so clear to me. Plus the questions that the people in the video asked Rabbi Yisrael Yitzchaki weren't so clear.  But what was sure there, is that Rabbi Yisrael Yitzchaki – that by the way, he cannot speak. He cannot talk. He is very old. He can only be contacted with a board with letters in Hebrew. You ask him the question and he answers.

So he said that definitely, he was there, and he admitted that he and these two rabbonim buried the body of Rabbi Nachman of Breslev in Sfadt, Israel, a long time ago. Now in the beginning he didn't want to tell those people these facts. He didn't want to give them the permission to talk out and tell everybody about those things. Because he said it was a secret.

Only after they talked to him, and they begged him to open up, and to tell all the information, then he agreed to admit. Now from what I checked around, Rabbi Yisrael Yitzchaki is a big tzaddik. He is maybe one of the 36 tzaddikim of Am Yisrael. People know him, people are coming to get a blessing from him. He's a known tzaddik, rabbi, for generations. He's a very old man. He lives in South of Tel Aviv by now.

And then I started to make phone calls. That was about three or four weeks ago. During the last few weeks, I received some more evidence from other people. From different people. And slowly but surely, I got the whole picture much clearer.

Since it's a very sensitive subject, not everybody agreed to expose themselves. Also Rabbi Yisrael Yitzchaki, he didn't want to give the permission at the beginning. Only later on he said ok. So I cannot expose all the people of which I talked with. But the whole picture got complete, more or less, last week.

And the last week, during the last week I made a few phone calls with a man called Rabbi Grumbo. Rabbi Grumbo, to everyone who doesn't know, he's a Rosh Kollel in the tzion of the grave of David Hamelech. In Kever David. He is one of the people who is every day, being there, learning Torah. He has a group of Talmidim. And he is really moser nefesh in Kever David.

What happened is, this story started about 50 years ago. In the Hebrew year.

.תשכ"ה – תשכ"ו This is exactly when I was born, actually. That year, Rabbi Binyamin Zeev Cheshin, which is a very tzaddik Breslevor – he called Rabbi Yisrael Yitzchaki, and the father of the Chalban. The Chalban is a tzaddik from Givatayim. So he called this one, Rabbi Yisrael Yitzchaki to the beit almin in Sfadt. And in front of a minyan of people – ten people – that was late at night, they saw the body of Rabbi Nachman of Breslav. And he told them, they're going to bury the body in the grave of where we know today is the tzion of Channa and her seven sons.

Now, Rabbi Binyamin Zeev Cheshin died about 40 years ago. And this was about 50 years ago, like 10 years before he died. And according to Rabbi Yisrael Yitzchaki, he paid about a million dollars to people in the Soviet Union. At that time, Uman was in the territory of the Soviet Union. Nobody could come and go easily over there. Especially not people from Israel. So he paid a lot of money, about a million dollars. I don't know to whom – to bring the body of Rabbi Nachman of Breslave.

Now how do we know it's his body? I don't know. But if Rabbi Cheshin paid a lot, a lot of money, so most likely he knew. Otherwise he wouldn't spend so much money, and risk…

What I know from another source, is the Chalban, he really admit to Rabbi Morgenstein from Yerushalyim, afterwards, that he remembered that his father gave to  Rabbi Cheshin a lot of jewelry and gold from his mother – from his wife – from the mother of the Chalban. But he doesn't know what for. Most likely it was for this reason. They wanted to make a big, huge mission to bring Rabbi Nachman to Israel.

And by the way, this is not a rare thing. In the last 30, 40 years, a lot of chassidim brought the bodies of the tzaddikim. Like the Admor of Sanz, like the Chida Hakadosh, like Admor from Stephanesht. And there are more, many more.

Anyway, so Rabbi Cheshin called Rabbi Yisrael Yitzchaki, and the father of the Chalban. And there were some more people over there. I don't know if the rest of the minyan knew who they were burying. But we know, is that Rabbi Yisrael Yitchaki and the Chalban's father – they knew what they were doing.

And they put the coffin, and they buried him right in the cave of Chana and Shivat Baneia. What we know today in Sfadt, in the beit almin in Sfadt. Right in front of the entrance. Like one meter from the entrance when you enter the cave – he's right there.

Now, afterwards, Rabbi Cheshin put a sign that this is the cave of Channa and shevat baneah. The thing is, if you go and check, according to the books, the history books about the graves, we have no any evidence, that this, where we know today  the tzion of Channa and shevat banea –  no evidence that she actually was  there. Actually there is an old book that says that according to the Ari Hakadosh she is buried in another place. In Sfadt, but another place. Not there in the beit almin.

But Rabbi Cheshin wanted to cover up the place. He didn't want to tell nobody it's Rabbi Nachman over there. I don't know why. Also Rabbi Yitzchaki said that he sworn him that he wouldn't tell nobody those things. Never. Rabbi Yisrael Yitzchaki asked him, "When should we tell?" Rabbi Cheshin told him, "Only before you're going to die, then I give you permission to tell the secret in public." So they put him there in Chana and shevat banea. And afterwards Rabbi Cheshin came again. He put a sign, that this is the grave of Chana and shevat banea.

And why Chana and shevat banea? Probably because the prayer, that she was the symbol of praying, and also Rabbi Nachman. I don't know. He had his own reasons. And why did he put it as a secret? I don't know either. Probably it was dangerous. The whole mission of bringing Rav Nachman from Uman to Israel was very dangerous. They put money – they gave money under the table. It was illegal. So probably he had his own reasons to cover this thing and keep it as a secret.

So all this was about 50 years ago. תשכ"ה – תשכ"ו . Then, about 10 years ago, Rabbi Yisrael Yitzchaki, the only one who's left alive since that time, had a very special operation. And he thought he was going to die. Therefore he called the Chalban, the tzaddik from Givatayim. And he told him all those things that I just told you. Eventually he came out of the operation alive. And the Chalban called Rabbi Morgenstein from Yerushalayim, and he told him about those things.

So they drove together to Rabbi Yisrael Yitzchaki. And together with Rabbi Grombo, the one who just told me this whole story, who is the Rosh Kollel in Kever David. And Rabbi Grombo recorded everything. So we have the whole story recorded from ten years ago. At that time Rabbi Yisrael Yitzchaki was able to talk. Now he cannot talk. He's got a disease. I don't know, something. I mean, he's very, very old. He's – I don't know how long he's going to survive, but b'ezrat Hashem, may Hashem give him a lot of health. But at that time, about ten years ago, he was able to talk and tell him the whole story.

So they recorded him again, and he told them the whole story I just told you, all over again. And Rabbi Morgenstein sworn him, told him, "You swear to me you're speaking the truth!" And they signed him on a paper saying that this whole story is truth.

And by the way, in this recording he said that the body of Rabbeinu, it was complete. It was a small and very skinny body, and he said that he could even see the beard coming out from the tachrichim. A little bit.  So it was complete, like as if you buried somebody a few days ago. And right after that, Rabbi Morgenstein went over there to Channa and shevat banea in Sfadt, with a minyan. And over there he made a big tikun, with prayers, and they read Tikkun Haklali, and Tehillim. And since then he never talked about to anybody else. He also kept it as a secret.

He said, it doesn't mean you cannot go to Uman.  I mean, the neshama of the tzaddik could be anywhere. Anywhere you make a gathering for the tzaddik, he's going to be there. You can even go to Africa. If you make a gathering for a certain tzaddik, he's going to come there. The neshama is not limited. It could be everywhere. So they didn't see any reason to tell people to stop going to Uman. You can go over there as well. And probably the thought that  it's supposed to be a secret, this whole thing over Rabbi Nachman being in Sfadt.

By the way, it's known that the talmidim of Rabbi Yisrael Odessa digged in Kever Rabbeinu about thirty years ago, and they didn't find the coffin. It's a known fact. And many people tried, and they didn't find anything. Now we understand why, because Rabbi Cheshin took care of the whole thing about 50 years ago.

Also I received information from another person, and he's saying that Rabbi Cheshim actually – why did he go there to begin with? Why did he go through this whole thing, paying money, and getting illegally the body and everything. Because Rav Nachman came to him in a dream, and he asked him to bring him, and he told him probably, where his body is. So now we understand why he even dared to go and do such a thing.

Anyway, there is another mekubal in Breslav that I got in touch with. He doesn't want to be identified. And he said that he made a she'elat chalom. And Rabbeinu came to him in a dream, and told him, yes, that his body is in Sfadt. But he told him, let people come. If they want to keep coming to Uman, and they feel more chizuk, so let them come there. Don't prevent them from going to Uman.

Now of course we can – I mean – we can prove completely that this body is in tzion of Chana and shevat banea if we get a special equipment… In the army they have such equipment, where they can check bodies underground. Of course, we are not allowed to dig, chas v'shalom.

Anyway, in addition to that, I just received a special recording from Rabbi Levi Yitzchak of Bender. From the big rabbis of Breslov in the last generation. And he's speaking in Yiddish. And he is saying precisely: The minhag and the chiyuv to go to Uman in Rosh Hashana was for the chassidei Breslav who lived overseas. But the moment they live in Israel, you don't have to go there. You can go there if you want, once in a while, you know. Like you go to kivrei tzaddikim all over the world. But you don't have to. The real tikun is in Israel.

And two weeks ago, without any connection to this story, I received a copy of an old microfilm. Very rare. That is from about 80 or 90 years ago, before the announcement of the State of Israel. And on this paper – it's a Kol Koreh – it's an official announcement by all the rabbonim of Breslav from that time. The rabbonim of Breslav, of Eretz Yisrael.

It's signed: Harav Shlomo Vexler, Harav Natan Breslevor, Harav David Shechter, Harav Meir Enshin, Harav Yisrael Gedalia Brenner, Harav Shmuel Mordechai Greenbelt, Harav Yehuda Zilberman, Harav Eliyahu Chaim Rozhin, Harav Avraham Elchanan Spektor, and Harav Yosef Erlich from Bnei Brak. All these rabbonim are signed on this announcement, which was written about 80, 90 years ago, before Uman became so popular.

And they say explicitly, that according to Rabbi Nachman, and according to all the rabbonim of Breslav,  once they are in Israel, in Eretz Hakodesh, they should not make the kibbutz of Rosh Hashana in Uman. But instead they should do it in Eretz Yisrael. They said to all anash of Breslav, all over, that they should know and they should commit to this announcement, and make the kibbutz of Rosh Hashana only in Yerushalayim, Eretz Hakodesh. And not in Uman.

The kibbutz in Uman was for the chassidim who lived in Uman in that time. But right now, when we live in Jerusalem – that's what they say, in this announcement – we should do the kibbutz in Yerushalayim, Eretz Hakodesh. And, as I said before, all those rabbonim are signed on this letter.

So of course we can say that this whole story, with Rabbi Yisrael Yitzchak is not 100% true. Maybe he made up things. Maybe – I don't know what. Maybe. But even though – even though we might say that Rabbi Nachman's body is not in Israel, and it's in Uman actually, we still have this announcement of the rabbonim from Breslav. That's saying, that since we have a huge Breslav community in Israel, in Eretz Hakodesh, the chiyuv to go to Uman does not exist any more. And from now on, everyone who considers himself as a real Breslover, who considers himself someone who really follows Rabbi Nachman's way, should do the kibbutz of Rosh Hashana in Yerushalayim, or in Sfadt, wherever you feel like.

And whatever I am saying right now is just for the benefit of the Jewish people. I have no interest here. I am not getting any money, any payment, or any kavod by exposing those facts. Actually the truth is the opposite.

I might get some people who get upset about me. I might get some threats. But I'm going with the truth. These are the facts. If you want to accept it, fine. If not, it's up to you. Thank you very much.



Shalom Rav Nachum. I would like you to listen to this drasha by Rav Yoel Ratta z"l:

It is known that the Maharash sacrificed himself for bochurim. Once, a young man stood next to the Maharash during the shofar blowing, shedding copious tears. He explained the reason for his weeping: Yesterday, on the eve of Rosh Hashana, some of our bochurim went to the place where prostitutes are found, and they committed the sins of aryaot [forbidden sexual encounters], may Hashem have mercy upon them.

He wept and shed tears before the Holy One, blessed be He, over those bochurim who are not to blame. Because they had not yet found their marriage partners, and they very much wanted to get married, and they were not able to control their desire. "Both the ears of every one that hears this shall tingle".

Instead of forbidding them from going to Uman, so that they wouldn't be tempted, we say they aren't at fault. Woe is me!

Is this what we call chassidut? That instead of forbidding them to go to Uman, so that they won't be faced with temptation, we ask the

Holy One, blessed be He, to forgive them for the horrendous sins they committed, for which they are not to blame.

היכן קבור רבינו?


שאלה: עכשיו הרב, בענין של רבי נחמן, איפה הוא קבור בצפת, אנשים קונים דירות בצפת כדי להיות קרובים אליו,איפה הוא קבור?

תשובה: קודם כל הגיע אלי השבוע הקלטה של רבי לוי יצחק בנדר, שהיה ממנהיגי ברסלב בדור הקודם, והוא אמר מפורשות שהחיוב לנסוע לאומן בראש השנה זה רק לחסידי ברסלב שחיים בחו"ל, קרוב לאומן, אבל ברגע שהם חיים בישראל, החיוב הזה בטל, מי שרוצה שיסע אבל זה לא בגדר חיוב, זה דבר אחד, דבר שני, השבוע שוחחתי כמה פעמים עם בן אדם שסגר את כל המעגל, המעגל שהתחיל עם הקלטת וידאו שראיתי, אצל הרב יצחקי ששם הוא מראה על לוח, (כי הוא לא מדבר) שאלו אותו שם על אומן ורבי נחמן הבעיה היא שזה לא היה ברור כי השאלות שלהם לא התאימו תמיד לתשובות שהוא ענה, מה שהבנתי שרבי נחמן קבור בצפת, אבל עכשיו קבלתי אינפורמציה ממקום יותר מוסמך, הרב גם התיר לי לפרסם את השם שלו, הרב גאמבו הוא ראש כולל בקבר דוד המלך, והוא יודע את כל הסיפור מכיון שהוא בעצמו לפני כעשר שנים, היה אצל הרב ישראל יצחקי לפני שאבד את כושר הדיבור והקליט אותו ואז הוא היה הרבה יותר חזק ובריא, וסיפר לו את כל הסיפור,

וזה הסיפור בשלמותו:

בשנת תשכ"ה תשכ"ו, קרא הרב בנימין זאב חשין להרב ישראל יצחקי, ולקח אותו לצפת בלילה ושם בבית העלמין הם היו עשרה אנשים, ביניהם אביו של החלבן סחבו ארון ובה היתה גופתו של רבי נחמן וקברו אותו במערת חנה ושבעת בניה מול הכניסה, מטר מהיציאה, שם הוא קבור, יש שם גבשושית, אח"כ הרב חשין הלך ותלה שם שלט שזו מערת חנה ושבעת בניה, לא היה שם אף פעם חנה ושבעת בניה, יש ספר שנקרא קדמונינו שכתוב בספר שאיפה שאנו יודעים שזה מערה של חנה ושבעת בניה היא בכלל לא נמצאת שם, ולפי מה שכתוב שם, שהאר"י אמר שזה בכלל מקום אחר, כלומר אין שום מקום שחנה ושבעת בניה נמצאים איפה שידוע היום הציון, מי עשה את הציון? הרב חשין! למה כתב שזו חנה ושבעת בניה? כדי לטשטש את הענין שרבי נחמן נמצא שם, מי הביא את הגופה למעשה, הרב בנימין זאב חשין הוא שדאג ופעל להביא את הגופה לארץ ושלם כמליון דולר לרוסים, היה זה בתקופת מסך הברזל, אם זה רבי נחמן או לא, הרב חשין שלם על כך מליון דולר הוא בטח בדק.

ידוע שרבי נחמן בא למישהו בחלום יכול להיות שבא להרב חשין, ולכן הביאו אותו, מה שידוע שהרב חשין הוציא קרוב למליון דולר על המבצע הזה והגופה הגיעה לארץ בתוך ארון, הוא קרא להרב יצחקי ולאבא של החלבן ולפני מנין אנשים שיכול להיות שלא ידעו מי נמצא בארון, להם לא גילה, כנראה, וקברו אותו במערת חנה ושבעת בניה, אח"כ בא הרב חשין ועשה שם שלט ציון חנה ושבעת בניה, אחרי זה בא ועשה שם כמה גבשושיות מסביב שכאילו יש שם שבעת בניה של חנה להגדיל את הרושם שיש שם חנה ושבעת בניה, אבל היא לא נמצאת שם .

הרב ישראל יצחקי ספר שהרב חשין השביע באיסור חמור שלא יספר לאף אחד את הדבר הזה, שאל אותו מתי יספר, אמר לו לפני שתפטר מהעולם אני מתיר לך לספר, למה הם לא רצו לספר? אני לא יודע, אולי היו איומים, אולי זה לא היה חוקי, פחדו שיעשו בעיות, הם לא ספרו, אז איך הם נותנים לאנשים לנסוע לאומן? אין בעיה איפה שאתה עושה קיבוץ לצדיק הנשמה כבר תבוא לשם, תעשה עילוי נשמה לאיזה נפטר באיזה מקום, הנשמה כבר תבוא לשם, אז בכל אופן הוא השביע אותו לא לגלות, כל זה היה בשנת תשכ"ה תשכ"ו, ולפני שבע- עשר שנים הרב יצחקי, היה לו ניתוח מסוכן חשב שהולך להפטר מהעולם קרא לחלבן וספר לו ולבסוף יצא בשלום מהניתוח והחלבן ספר זאת להרב מורגנשטרן ואז הרב מורגנשטרן יחד עם החלבן נסעו להרב ישראל יצחקי והקליטו את כל הסיפור, והשביעו אותו שיגיד רק את האמת, והחתימו אותו על פתק שכל הסיפור אמת וגם סיפר שם שגופתו של רבינו היתה שלימה לגמרי, אז זה לא יכול להיות מישהו אחר, זה היה גוף רזה וקטן אפילו ראו את הזקן מבצבץ, מיד אחרי זה שהלכו והקליטו אותו והרב יצא מהניתוח בשלום לפני עשר שנים, מיד יצא הרב מורגנשטרן עם מנין של אנשים למערת חנה ושבעת בניה, ועשו שם תיקון גדול עם תפילות, אבל מאז הוא לא מדבר על זה יותר ושומר את זה בסוד.


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